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Dr. Gabriel Calderón is a plastic surgeon and craniomaxillofacial surgeon, with expertise in aesthetics and reconstruction. In addition, he specialized in two of the largest reference centers in the field in Brazil: Instituto Ivo Pitanguy and INTO (National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics), both located in Rio de Janeiro.



@raysfan4567 - Gynecomastia Surgery

Very good, Nice guy. Very professional and attentive. Always a bright smile and always ready to get to work. Was very comprehensive and told me everything I needed to know beforehand. A very helpful person.

@exquisite1889 - Chin Liposuction

Had a wonderful experience with DR Calderon and his team!!! Lovely clinic, great ethics, very knowledgeable and the best bedside manner. Always felt safe and at ease with my procedure and I am very happy with the result.

@fabulous8678 - Breast Lift with Implants

5 years ago I had a goal and a dream to fulfill, for years I was investigating, reading and inquiring about techniques and new modern procedures, at the forefront, by the hand of someone professional, serious, honest, someone with human qualities and with great sensitivity . God put this “Angel” in my way.

Ms. Abreu - Breast Augmentation

Amazing plastic surgeon and beautiful human being, he did my breast augmentation and I’m happy with the results. Nice staff and 5 stars accommodation. Dr. Calderon is very professional and very updated in his procedures… I was fortunate to be one of his patients. Excelente Doctor una eminencia, lo recomiendo al 100, además nos comprende muy bien.

Johanna - Breast Lift with Implants

Doctor Gabriel Calderon is a great professional, a surgeon with a great experience. He did an excellent job for me, I was fascinated with the results, he is a very educated, kind and very attentive person with his patients, I have no word to describe the great human being he is. I would not hesitate to recommend it to my family and friends.

@rj2018 - Liposculpture

Dr Calderon is a highly qualified surgeon with a great experience and can provide you with amazing results. He was very supportive to me during the postoperative period. He’s very friendly and if you need anything he’s always here to help. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.

@rational4228 - Facelift

My face, neck and eye lift with Dr. Calderon was top notch! He is an excellent doctor; very perfectionist in his work, very honest and trustworthy and extremely committed to the safety and satisfaction of his patients. I am thrilled with the results after only 15 days. I will definitely go back for a nose job. I am so grateful that my search for a plastic surgeon led to Dr. Gabriel Calderon!!

Anyelo Abreu - Rhinoplasty

Excellent job. And about the human quality I’m without words. He did incredible work. I love being in his hands because I know he is excellent in that area, that’s why I look for him. He was very careful with everything, and the attention was inexplicable. I love him.

Roseline - Facelift

I am delighted with the result of my facelift with Dr. Gabriel Calderon! I am French, 64 years old and I trusted Dr. Calderon 6 months ago, and today I can confirm that his work is fabulous. He is attentive, delicate, answered all my questions and reassured me while providing the best advice. We can only recommend this surgeon, perfect!

Tereza Cristina - Facelift

Dr. Gabriel is a highly qualified professional, careful and concerned about doing the best for his patients. I did my facelift back in 2017 and I’m really happy with the result. He dedicated time to explain, in detail, what the procedure involves, the results and risks. I trusted his experience and guidance. The medical team at the clinic is great, and makes you feel like a queen. 

Debora - Breast Lift with Implants

I did mammoplasty with prosthesis. The breast was perfect, with a super natural appearance. The breasts are beautiful. Dr. Gabriel Calderón was wonderful in the before and after surgery. The result could not be better. Thank you, Dr. Gabriel Calderón.

Unknown Patient - Abdominoplasty

I recommend Dr. Gabriel Calderón for his excellence in plastic surgery. I did abdominoplasty and it was wonderful. The navel is perfect. I’m in love with my abdomen. Congratulations, Dr. Gabriel Calderón, you are an artist!

Cristiane Luz - Rhinoplasty

Dr. Gabriel is very attentive, explaining everything about the surgery and the postoperative care that are fundamental to the success of the procedure. Great professional, besides educated and charismatic.

Lucia Gomes - Facelift

I have until today not regretted having done a mini facelift with Dr. Gabriel, for and after the operation everything went good, The operation was goed. I went home after it, and once a week he saw me, And he was calling me every day. He is good, educated and focused on his skills, a brilliant professional.

Ana Flanci - Abdominoplasty and mastopexy

I did abdominoplasty and mastopexy with prosthesis inclusion. My first surgery and the result was wonderful. Besides the great service. The experience was wonderful. I intend to do others. Super recommend!

Lua Abreu - Botox

I had a really good experience. Gabriel was very attention, explaining everything by even drawing my face and muscles. The proceeding was painfully less by his amazing technique and I was delighted with the result.

@cmn2018 - Breast Lift

I underwent Reduction Mammoplasty, I had a sensational experience, my doctor was attentive and present throughout the healing process, giving me confidence and tranquility, I was satisfied and very happy with the final result.

Suelen Soares - Breast Reconstruction

I did a breast lift with Dr. Gabriel Calderon on the 31/08/2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m extremely happy with the result of the surgery because it was exactly the way I wanted it to be. The doctor and his team are excellent. They were dedicated, attentive and perfectionists with every detail. We had 3 consultations before surgery in his clinic which is a really nice, airy and clean place.

Solange Silva - Abdominoplasty

I’ve been doing my abdominoplasty for 3 years … 3 years, I’ve become more vain, happier, sexier, more woman. 3 years that I realized the biggest dream of my life. 3 years I put my body in the hands of this wonderful doctor, friend that I take to life. 3 years I complete life, new life for this more confident Solange. Only those who have passed through the experience will understand how happy.

Walde - Breast Lift with Implants

I had a rhinoplasty , facial fillers, and a breast lift with Dr Gabriel Calderon. Postgraduate with Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, the icon of plastic surgery, Dr. Calderon has a professional approach and kindness that made me feel very safe and comfortable. He explained everything in detail. The follow-up was attentive, a bit rare these days, and the results were fantastic; truly exceeded my expectations. 

Andrea dos Santos Silva - Abdominal Etching

It was a privilege to meet Dr. Gabriel Calderón, a great professional, attentive, dedicated, easy to understand even with an accent. Super professional! Thank you very much doctor for attending me very well.

Tais Lima - Rhinoplasty

I performed a rhinoplasty and was very satisfied with the result, the doctor left my nose in harmony with my face without being artificial. It gave me a lot of peace and security clarifying all my doubts. Excellent professional, polite and very attentive from the preoperative and especially in the post.

Unknown Patient - Breast Reduction

I made my breast reduction in 2015 and chose this excellent professional, today I am a woman accomplished and happy with the result. I also do my applications of botox and fill Super indicated! The doctor was concerned about the well-being of patients and today I see that it made a big difference in my recovery.

Erica Medeiros - Abdominal Etching

I did abdominal surgery with Dr. Gabriel in 2016, at the time I was afraid of the surgery but even so I decided to face my fear, that’s when I met Dr Gabriel, a wonderful surgeon who gave me all pre and post surgical support. I still think of doing some more kkkkkkk plastic and of course that will be with him if God is willing.

@reese08 - Breast Lift

I have been thinking about this surgery for a few years, getting a lift to feel better and more confident topless. Weight fluctuations caused my breasts to sag with time, so did my self esteem. This year I decided to take the plunge. Everything went well. I was well prepared by Dr. Calderon both before and after surgery. He made me feel comfortable.